flying hoppers

Here is the first successful flight on the flight mill we will be using at IMGERS (Inner Mongolian Ecological Research Station) this summer! This grasshopper (Schistocerca americana) weighs in at 1.5 g — about 3x the size of the species I work with in China (Oedaleus asiaticus). The hopper is connected to the head of a pin using dental gum (thanks for the tip Jess!) which is attached to the flight arm (otherwise known as a drinking straw). The flight arm itself has a pin through the middle which is suspended between two magnets so the friction is kept to a minimum. Video courtesy of James Waters.


2 responses to “flying hoppers

  1. Hi Arianne:

    Since you posted this as “contributor”, I guess I needed to accept it before it appeared. Now that I changed your classification to “author” you should be able to post directly.

    Also, the link, unfortunately, doesn’t work. Try YouTube?

  2. Glad the dental gum worked! Thanks goes to the original exploiter of the technology, though – Prof. Tom Eisner.

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