Panda stoichiometry (yes, that’s right…)

Posted by Jim:

Yes, the Elser lab is collaborating on a project (funded by the Memphis Zoo via my friend Wei Fuwen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) to study the ecological stoichiometry of giant pandas.  The study is in the Foping Mountains near Xi’an, China.  As proof, here is an email I just received from Fuwen’s student Nie Yonggang:

Dear jim;

I came back from Foping last month. Now, the most sample collection work were finished.But the samples of Fargesia qinlingensis that Panda choose them at high elevations were not enough and we will supplement it in this july and it would take us more the one week.Then, we would finish all the samples analysis in the Lab in August. Oh, my teacher Fuwen said that you will come to China next month.Welcome and if you need some help please contact us feel free.

Best wishes



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