Moose sighting!!!

Posted by Michelle:

Yes, it is true. Angie and I spotted the elusive charismatic Norwegian megafauna along the road between Nordseter and Lillehammer. Sadly, photographic evidence is lacking, so some skeptics may question our claim. The moose was quicker than we were.


4 responses to “Moose sighting!!!

  1. No way! As I have explained to Dag, moose are just a Norwegian rumor designed to sell cheap knick-knacks at the airport gift shop.

    Following proper cryptozoological protocol, only a time-stamped, georeferenced picture will convince me otherwise!

  2. There is at least one moose in Norway. You will just have to trust us!

  3. As Ronald Reagan said: “Trust but verify.”

  4. I can vouch for Michelle. We totally saw a moose.

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