Field Science in Tempe

Posted by Marcia:

OK, it’s not Norway, and not China… but still it was field work. The Astrobiology N-crowd took all sorts of gear and went to Tempe Town Lake yesterday to practice 15N additions into sediment. It was fortunate for us that the day was overcast and cool. A few raindrops were noted even! The test run went smoothly, but maybe that was partly because we didn’t have to be concerned about backpacking in our supplies or keeping an eye out for bears. We all came back tired but pleased with our accomplishments and with a better understanding of what worked and what needs fixing. Oddly, even though we looked highly suspect with all our needles, gloves and bottles, not a single person stopped to ask what was going under the bridge

2 responses to “Field Science in Tempe

  1. I find that people almost never ask me what I’m doing when I’m clearly doing something suspect for field work (like digging 3 ft deep pits). And yet I don’t look particularly threatening. 😉

    You’d think people would be more curious about the things (e.g., ecosystems, and/or people) around them!

  2. I saw someone today wearing a tshirt that said “watch out, I’m going to try science”. wow, did I want that shirt or what!

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