I like the question “What is the grass?”

My computer did not work 15 days ago, but I did not have a rest. I was busy with reading the book “Ecological Stoichiometry: The Biology of Elements from Molecules to the Biosphere”. I have finished it already. Even though the book is hard for me, especially some models, I got more new information. The book is like a gate for me to enter the “Ecological Stoichiometry” field. I like the question “What is the grass?” In China, the rangeland are not gotten chemical fertilization, I do not know what the destiny of that rangeland ecosystem is finally.

I remembered, I dreamed one night, long time ago, that I took part in a conference, and I got a information that N and P control the biodiversity in the natural world, especially P. I know it is just a dream, I am not sure it is right, but “Ecological Stoichiometry” may be helpful to explore this question.


2 responses to “I like the question “What is the grass?”

  1. Hi Decao:

    I’m glad you’ve been able to finish the ES book.

    “What is the grass?” is a line from a poem by Walt Whitman, perhaps America’s best poet. I suppose that the answer is different for everyone. For ES, grass is the dominant form taken by CNP atoms in northern China! Soon I’ll be in Inner Mongolia myself and hope to be able to send some reports. I will also attend a big grassland conference in Beijing and will try to convince the attendees that study N and P together IS important for understanding the biodiversity of the grassland world.

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