Jim’s Report from Inner Mongolia

From China, through Jess’ internet connection in Mexico, here is Jim’s latest update:

I arrived safely on Sunday to a rainy and smoggy Beijing and then more or less immediately departed on another flight to Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia. After an hour’s drive on an increasingly potholed highway, we arrived at the IMGERS research station at midnight. I spent the day yesterday with my BEF (“Biodiversity/Ecosystem Function”) colleagues inspecting the research plots and discussing the data we have so far. I was able to make an initial Gigapan panorama (57 pictures) of the field site. We also had a basketball game (Jingle and Arianne defeated Chris Clark and me) and a festive dinner. More of the same today and then back to Beijing for the 3-day conference on grassland ecology honoring the 25th anniversary of the IMGERS research station.


One response to “Jim’s Report from Inner Mongolia

  1. Glad not to hear that you were in the terrible storms in the far east that were shown on CNN.
    You certainly live an interesting and productive career.
    Have SKYPED with Tim X 2, he looks good.
    Be careful.
    Love DAD

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