Report 2 from Woodstoich 2

Posted by Jim

Woodstoich 2 has hit full stride.  Yesterday the working groups worked feverishly and handed in their papers for review by 9 PM; they were out for review by 9:30 PM.  Then the tie-dye party broke out and many amazing shirts appeared.  Next, most of the crowd settled in to watch the documentary “Woodstock” (all 3.5 h of it, finishing at 2 AM).

We woke up a little groggy but were energized by a visit to the amazing Yamadera temple in the mountains nearby.  After a lovely bento lunch, we headed off to a local pottery for lessons on pot making.  We made some pots (well, some of them looked like pots…) which will be fired with the Woodstoich logo and sent to us in a couple of months.  Next we headed off to a local onsen (hot spring) resort for a relaxing soak followed by an amazing kaiseki dinner.

Now we are back, and the manuscript reviews are starting to come in.  Tomorrow the groups work on revisions and get ready for the Woodstock costume blow-out.

Here are pictures of the tie-dye outcomes and a picture of the male component of Woodstoich 2 at the onsen.  Sharp!


Yakata dudes

2 responses to “Report 2 from Woodstoich 2

  1. Biological Invasion Team

    Hey now…where are all the ladies in this photo? Perhaps they are already in the onsen…?

  2. Yes, all the women were elsewhere enjoying their own onsen.

    We met up with them again later during the dinner.

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