Seminar series at UiO

Posted by Michelle:

I heard a talk today by Drs. Stephen Schneider and Terry Root. Both are from the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University and authors on the 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. They reviewed climate change data and discussed the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in December. (Note:  Dr. Terry Root was a SoLS seminar speaker in 2008).

Key take-aways:

  • There is a scale “mismatch” between politics and climate sciences. While politics tends to focuses on short-term local issues, climate change occurs over the long term (centuries-millennia) at regional/global scales. This presents a major challenge to international agreements on adaption to and mitigation of climate change.
  • ~400,000 species could become extinct globally in response to a 2°C global temperature increase.
  • Changes in animal phenology can be attributed to both natural and anthropogenic climate change, however, the effects of anthropogenic change appear greater than natural change.
  • Understanding the ecological effects of ocean acidification requires more research.

For more information check out:


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