Meet the Elements

Posted by Jim:

Well, since BOTH Marcia and Michelle sent this info to me, AND it was on my favorite web site Boing Boing, I thought I’d call attention to the new album from They Might Be Giants: “Here Comes Science”. It’s a “kids’ album” but I love it anyway. It features the song “Meet the Elements” which describes, for example, the elemental composition of human beings, bugs, birds, fish, elephants, plants, bacteria, etc. (Caveat: one of the songs presents an incorrect usage of the word “theory”).

It also features great songs about the scientific method, cells, the visible spectrum of light, evolution and phylogeny, paleontology, photosynthesis, and other cool stuff.

How can you not LOVE this album if you love Science??? I’ve already used two of the songs in BIO100.

Meet The Elements


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