China recap 6: Jim’s visit

Posted by Arianne:

Jim with gigapan near BEF plots

Jim with gigapan near BEF plots

Jim and the other PI’s from the NSF China grasslands BES-ES project arrived at the height of the grass production and at the very end of my stay at IMGERS. We toured the field sites, Jim took some cool photos using the gigapan, several meetings took place at the station, good food was had, and basketball matches were played. With Jingle and me against Chris and Jim, it turned into a mentor-mentee match-up — which, I’m proud to say, Jingle and I won by a slim margin each time (Jingle’s got quite the shot). Until next time at IMGERS…

With help from Jim and Team Grasshopper, I packed up 3-months worth of field equipment, hoppers, and grass in roughly 4 hours. It was just in time for me to join Jim and others for a conference on grassland ecology in Beijing in honor of IMGERS’ 30th anniversary.


One response to “China recap 6: Jim’s visit

  1. It’s only fair for me to admit that Arianne made the winning basket in BOTH games, much to the dismay of her exhausted advisor.

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