China recap 5: making lemonade

Posted by Arianne:

It was clear that focusing too heavily on just one element of the food chain was unacceptable and we took the opportunity to collect as many spiders as possible (okay, there was a tinge of revenge in there) and the grass from the cages (we will investigate the effects of N-fertilization and grasshopper density on plant species composition and stoichiometry). IMGERS is under the Institute of Botany and there was a wealth of information and expertise which made this expansion of the experiment possible.

I then focused my energy on building up all of the side projects that had been squeezed in along the way. Colleen helped me jump two more sets of hoppers (early- and mid-adult) = 300 grasshoppers and ~60,000 jumps. I then set out to demonstrate the pattern of high O. asiaticus numbers in heavily grazed pastures and to test a few hypotheses for why this may be the case.


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