Stoichiometry jobs! (well, RA-ships actually)

Posted by Jim:

I don’t usually do job ads on the blog, but this came in from Amy Rosemond (Univ of Georgia) and I thought I would post it here.


Five graduate student assistantships (3 Ph.D. and 2 M.S.) are available as part of a newly funded project examining the responses of detritus-based stream food webs to concentrations and ratios of dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus. Two Ph.D. positions will be based at the University of Georgia and will focus on detrital carbon dynamics and responses of predatory salamanders, respectively. A third Ph.D. position will be based at the University of Alabama and will examine macroinvertebrate food web responses. Both M.S. positions will be based at Coastal Carolina University and will focus on microbial responses to N:P gradients using field and laboratory experiments. All fieldwork will be based at the Coweeta Long term Ecological Research site in Otto, North Carolina. We are looking for students with a holistic view of ecological ramifications of nutrient enrichment, strong interest in integrating a stoichiometric perspective across taxonomic groups, significant research experience and demonstrated communication skills. The positions will start in Summer or Fall 2010, with microbial positions starting as early as January 2010. The successful candidates will receive full tuition waivers and competitive stipends. For more information, contact Amy Rosemond ( or John Maerz ( for the UGA positions, Jon Benstead ( for the UA position, or Vlad Gulis ( for the two CCU positions.



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