Cockroaches store N with help of bacterial symbiosis – National Science Foundation (NSF) Discoveries – With Help from a Bacterium, Cockroaches Develop Way to Store Excess Uric Acid – US National Science Foundation (NSF).

Posted by Jim:  Here’s a neat study showing a clever way by which one clever, but nasty, insect has worked its way around a problem that many animals have: how to storage excesses of nutrients that later might be limiting.  Cockroaches got some gut bacteria to do it for them.  This is a new wrinkle on “stoichiometric homeostasis” and another reminder that when you have an insect (or any other animal) in your hand, you’ve actually got many many species and many many many individual organisms in your hand.  Because you can’t forget the symbionts and commensals!

Wonder if this also happens for P?

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