Woodstoich papers officially accepted!

Posted by Jim:

The  acceptances of the four papers from the August Woodstoich conference are now official for publication in Oikos.  Congratulations to all the authors. Also, hearty thanks to the reviewers who provided such timely (<24 h!) and insightful reviews.  You know who you are!

0. Intro piece:  The evolution of biological stoichiometry under global change.  J. Urabe, S. Naeem, D. Raubenheimer, and J.J. Elser.
1. Persson, J. , Fink, P., Goto, A., Hood, J. M., Jonas, J., and Kato, S.  “To be or not to be what you eat: regulation of stoichometric homeostasis among autotrophs and heterotrophs”.
2.Doi, H., Cherif, M., Iwabuchi, T., Katano, I., Stegen, J. C. and Striebel, M. “Evaluating the allometry of gross growth efficiency and the threshold elemental ratio: towards an integrated understanding of elements and energy dynamics”.
3.  Morehouse, N. I., Nakazawa, T., Booher, C. M., Jeyasingh, P. D., and Hall. M. D. “Sex in a material world: why the study of sexual reproduction and sex-specific traits should become more nutritionally-explicit”.
4. González, A., Kominoski, J. S., Danger, M., Ishida, S., Iwai, N.,and Rubach, A. “Can ecological stoichiometry help explain patterns of biological invasions?”

Hard to believe that such a group as this could write such nice papers!


One response to “Woodstoich papers officially accepted!

  1. …incredible smart, hardworking and fun group of hippie people!!

    Good work everyone!

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