Mendoza 3: Finally, the wine.

After Aconcagua, we made it back to Mendoza where we spent two nights in a nice B&B.  Of course, Mendoza is famous for its wine and especially its Malbec terroir.  So, we headed out to a little town nearby called Maipu where we rented some bikes.  The weather was fantastic and we had a great day riding to various bodegas and sampling el vino.  It was 90% charming – the 10% uncharming part was riding the bikes on some sections of highway way too close to passing trucks.  At the last winery we visited, our guide was a young woman who had lived in Mesa (AZ) for several years.  El mundo chico, as they say.  Full set of Mendoza pics HERE.  (Bonus pics from earlier trip to El Bolson here.)

Rigorous scientific sampling of Mendoza productivity.


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