In Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico, the water is everything

Posted by Jess:  Jorge and I are back from another adventure in Cuatro Ciénegas! Unfortunately, all was not well during this trip… Over the summer, we watched as the Churince System, one of the largest springs in the valley, steadily decreased in size. June rains rejuvenated the waters and gave us hope that the spring-fed lakes might return to their former grandeur. When we arrived in early October, what we saw was dismal: the lake had become several disconnected ponds, surrounded by the footprints of turtles knowing the waters were too low for them. This system of ponds once fed an even larger lake, “Laguna Grande”, which now resembles more the famous Gypsum Dunes than an aquatic habitat. What can you do? Sign the petition to tell José Luis Luege, Director General of Mexico’s National Water Commission, and Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico, to uphold their promise to rescue and protect the waters of Cuatro Ciénegas.

Churince System
From left to right, this time series beginning in 2010 and ending with October 2011 depicts the loss of surface water in the Churince System. Photos by Ana Gutierrez.

One response to “In Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico, the water is everything

  1. Yes! Sign the petition! Thanks Jess for writing this one up! The link that Jess wrote to sign the petition is also a blog that reports more about this story in spanish.

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