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Trip to Salta (2): El Rey National Park where ticks are king!

(pics and video below)  Our trip to El Rey was great, except…

We left the Selva Montana Lodge with our guide Mario in his cool Land Rover.  The drive took a few hours and on the dirt road to park we saw a toucan.  Cool!  After arriving at the park campground (some kind of old, abandoned resort for the elite of Salta but originally the whole area was for raising horses and mules for the silver and gold mines of the mountains), we set out to a pond and saw lots of ducks and geese etc.  We told the guide we really wanted to see a tapir and so that night we went out spotlighting from the car and indeed saw a tapir (and some foxes).  We had a great dinner (asado of course) and were enchanted by the most amazing bird of the trip, the red-legged seriema.  This bird was featured in David Attenborough’s special “The Life of Birds” and, on the road, we watched as one smashed a snail onto a rock to eat.  The campground version was keenly interested in our scraps, as were the jays who win the prize as the most beautiful “trash birds” on the planet.  The next AM was some beautiful bird-watching (and we saw another tapir!) and then we hiked to a stream through the higher forest and saw a (large!) herd of peccaries.  In the mid-afternoon we headed back to Salta, with a few extra passengers.  That is, the ticks.  Back in Salta we removed at least a couple of dozen off of ourselves in the hotel and spent the next couple of days continuing to discover them on our clothes etc.  Yikes!  VIDEO  HERE.  Full set of pictures HERE.

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