A trip to “The Thunderer” (Tronador)

{Yes, we’re back in USA but not quite caught up on Argentina blog posts!}

Towards the end of our stay we were keen to be sure we had seen the main sights of Bariloche area and of course on of the best is the Pampa Linda area of Nahuel Huapi National Park, where you approach the big (extinct) volcano El Tronador quite closely.  So, we had a good day and headed out for a visit.  The road is narrow and so they only allow inbound traffic in the morning and then you need to wait til later in the PM in order to leave.  In any case, we enjoyed spending several hours exploring around, enjoying Ventisquero Negro (the “Black Glacier”) which deposits strikingly striped icebergs in a yellow lake.  Apparently this one has been receding at an alarming rate.  In any case, the waterfalls all around were impressive and once in a while a snow avalanche “thundered” from above (hence the name).   The weather turned for the worse on the way out but we did get a good view of a Martin Pescador (kingfisher) before the rain really came.  Full pics at LINK.

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