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Cuatro Cienegas 2012: Let the heat and the fun begin!

We’ve arrived to Cuatro Cienegas after a comfortably uneventful trip from Monterey.  At the moment it’s me (Jim), Jess, Zarraz, and Alex.  We spent the first two days scrambling around and setting things up.  The UNAM crowd arrived yesterday.   Of course, our main work is at Churince and Jim’s Pond has enough water in it to get started.  We did our first sampling and will begin the fertilization this weekend.  The usual complications with permits is underway and at the moment we are “closed out” of working at my favorite place, Rio Mesquites.  This is a bit of a problem for Jess, who is trying to finish her PhD studies.  However, we have permission to work “upstream”, in Mojarral East and its outflow stream. We had a spectacular scouting trip there today.  See picture below.

More pictures HERE.

Herichtys minckleyi in Mojarral Este.