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El lago estuvo como un espejo! (pics & video!)

The lake was like a mirror!

It is really windy in Patagonia, Bariloche no exception.  So, when the wind drops it’s a chance to get out a sample on the big lake, Nahuel Huapi.  So, that’s what we did yesterday, getting samples to check the levels of suspended ash in the water, measuring lake temperature profiles (6.7 C, and well mixed to bottom at 50m), and light penetration (probably 2-3 times less than “normal”, before the eruption).  We also took a few zooplankton net tows and found a few lonely cyclopoid copepods but were a bit surprised to see a pretty thick collection of a filamentous diatom (Aulacoseira?), unusual for the lake apparently.  Video HERE.

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